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What is The Human Resource Partnership, L.L.C.?

The Human Resource Partnership, L.L.C. (HRP) is an international human resource advisory firm. We specialize in helping our clients achieve maximum organizational effectiveness.

What are HRP's practice Areas?

HRP offers comprehensive advisory services in six functional practice areas that address all aspects of individual, team, and organizational effectiveness. These are:

  • Organizational Strategy & HR Plan Alignment
  • Work Design & Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Retention: Policies, Procedures and Programs
  • Compensation and Incentives
  • Training and Organizational Development

We also offer two industry specific practices in Healthcare and Publishing.

How is HRP different?

HRP is sharply differentiated from other consulting firms in at least four ways:

1. We offer the flexibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness of a small firm with the depth and breadth of experience typical of the largest, most expensive firms.
2. Our practices are based on our experience with six fundamental organizational success components that affect individual and team behavior. These key components are:
  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Direct
  • Control
  • Reward
  • Enhance
  We believe these are deeply interrelated and therefore, all organizational effectiveness issues are interrelated.
3. HRP offers both advisory and transactional services. This means we can evaluate a situation, recommend an action plan, and implement the solution. Most other firms offer one or another, not both of these services.
4. We will never send a young consultant with a fresh MBA into a CEO's office to offer advice and counsel. Our Principals all have more than 15 years of experience.

Can I outsource my organization's human resources function to HRP?

Yes, however we are not focused on just "selling" outsourcing services such as staffing or benefits. Rather, our outsourcing work is generally an outgrowth of our consulting work with you to design programs that will have a demonstrable positive impact on your organization. We're not trying to simply build transaction volume. Our interests are in long-term, value-generating client relationships that go far beyond low cost pricing.

Can HRP help me with my staffing needs?

Yes, we offer complete staffing solutions. This includes the identification of talent needs, the translation of those needs into job descriptions, the sourcing of qualified candidates, and all related testing and assessment.

Why does HRP emphasize communications?

We have continually observed that one of the most common causes of organizational dysfunction is the absence or poor quality of communications. No one functions well in an environment of uncertainty created by a lack of information. Therefore, when we are engaged either to develop or refine a high-impact program, we recommend that communications be a strong component of the process.

Does HRP take on major projects or small projects?

Through our network of employees and contractors, we are equipped to handle virtually any type of project, large and small, that may relate to your human assets.

Does HRP perform the due diligence work associated with acquisitions?

Yes, we have a long history of providing diligence support in over 100 acquisitions and divestitures. We also have significant experience with startup ventures.

Does HRP have expertise in reward and incentive systems?

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of reward & incentive systems for all levels of employees. We have created customized programs in over 20 countries and across all major industry groups.



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