Our Theory

The Human Resource Partnership defines organizational effectiveness as the degree to which a client successfully implements its strategy. To be truly effective, an organization must align all five of its resource categories (financial, human, information, materials, and facilities) with its strategy implementation effort.

The Human Resource Partnership believes that the human resource is the most essential of the five to achieving organizational effectiveness. The human resource in any organization is clearly the only resource capable of independent value creation. The human resource also generally represents an organization's greatest cost. Given these two facts, the human resources in any organization must be aligned, engaged, and contributing for that organization to have any chance of implementing its strategy. The Human Resource Partnership exists to maximize the human resource contribution to organizational effectiveness.

An organization can become more effective by engaging in a performance cycle with six key components: plan, organize, direct, control, reward, and enhance.

Each of those components has a related human resource effectiveness requirement. If an organization focuses on those requirements, it can significantly improve the contribution of its human resources. The key components and their related human resource effectiveness requirements are illustrated by the following:

1. PLAN:

A human resource plan aligned with the organization's strategy.


A skilled workforce optimally structured for strategy implementation.


Strategy driven performance expectations with objective assessment of outcome measures.


Organizational commitment to programs and policies to engage and retain the workforce.


Performance based incentives and reinforcement.


Culture designed to encourage staff development and their commitment to organizational success.

The Human Resource Partnership has developed a 23-question diagnostic to assess an organization's current state with respect to these six human resource effectiveness requirements. The Human Resource Effectiveness Index becomes a roadmap for identifying needed HR improvements and serves as a baseline outcome measure for those activities. The Index can also be correlated with other key organizational performance metrics to demonstrate the total value added by making improvements to the six requirements.

Regardless of the specific initial need identified by the client, The Human Resource Partnership will address that need in the larger context of human resource effectiveness. Once we identify where that specific need fits into the overall cycle, we are better positioned to meet that need in the optimal fashion.


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