Patient volumes continue to drop while patient expectations for state-of-the-art, compassionate care are increasing. Revenue at best is flat but costs continue to rise. Skilled staff is in short supply as the average patient is more acutely ill. The workforce is stressed and more concerned about job security than the provision of excellent care. They are no longer committed to missions or engaged in strategies. HR Departments and senior leadership teams are struggling to recapture what their organizations seem to have lost. They are becoming increasingly frustrated by their limited successes with these efforts. CEOs are concerned about the long-term ability of their management teams to maintain the passion for their own work. As their passion dissipates, so does their effectiveness as leaders and role models.

The Human Resource Partnership's Healthcare Practice has been specifically designed to help our clients meet these challenges. The practice is led by a former chief human resource officer with over two decades of experience in the most challenging of healthcare environments. The practice is supported by senior consultants from each of our six functional practices. Our expertise in all aspects of Human Resource management combined with our unique experience in healthcare enables us to provide demonstrable, cost effective value to employers in this industry.

Representative Consulting Services:

  • All Services Offered by the Functional Practices
  • Nurse Staffing Services
  • JCAHO Compliance
  • Retention Strategies for Skilled Healthcare Occupations


Few industry segments are as human asset dependent as is the Publishing industry. Each day the core of this business walks in and out of its home. Few industries, too, have faced the breadth and volume of organizational change, as has Publishing. Global industry consolidation, rapidly changing media and technological demands and innovation challenge every aspect of Publishing in the 21 st Century.

We at The Human Resource Partnership have extensive experience in working with a variety of important players in global publishing, including experience in broadcasting, infomercial, magazine, newspaper, recorded books and general and educational publishing companies. We have particular expertise working with supplementary educational print, assessment and test preparation organizations.

Representative Consulting Services:

  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Mission Definition and Clarification
  • Business and Human Resource Plan Alignment
  • Organizational Work Design and Structuring
  • Staffing Planning and Talent Acquisition
  • Organizational and Individual Assessment
  • Talent Retention and Corporate Policy Systems
  • Performance Incentive Design and Performance Management Systems
  • Leadership Development and Coaching




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