Peter W. Mehlman

Senior Consultant

Peter W. Mehlman is Senior Consultant in The Human Resource Partnership, L.L.C.'s Talent Retention practice, specializing in Policies & Procedures and Compliance & Insurance.

Mehlman has more than 30 years professional experience as a consultant and attorney in dealing with employment benefits in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has internationally-known expertise in qualified defined benefit and defined contribution retirement programs, welfare-related employment benefits, benefit valuations and cost analysis as well as expertise in nonqualified executive compensation programs (SERPs, stock options, incentive bonus programs, etc.).

He also has extensive experience working with management and unions on collective bargaining benefit issues and working with human resources departments on employment compliance matters and employment issues. He has been instrumental in developing innovative corporate compensation programs relating to both executive and bargaining unit employees.

Mehlman headed the legal department for the predecessor of Sedgwick Noble Lowndes, a major actuarial benefits consulting firm; and was Employee Benefits Counsel for both Gulf + Western Industries, Inc. (Paramount Pictures, Madison Square Garden, Simon & Schuster Publishing Company, etc.) and Akzo Nobel Inc., the world's ninth largest chemical company.

Mehlman is co-founder and Partner of Domestic Relations Support Services, L.L.C., a provider of timely information to attorneys in navigating the legal mine field encompassing all aspects of domestic relations orders pertaining to both qualified and nonqualified plans as well as corporate administration. He has also recently been selected by the American Arbitration Association to join its Commercial Panel as an Arbitrator.

Mehlman has a BS in Accounting from Long Island University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association and has spoken before numerous professional groups, including the Family Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association. Mehlman has also taught employee benefits law at Rutgers University as part of the Certified Employee Benefits Program.


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